Horror TV: Castle Rock has a Release Date! (And a new trailer)

Scary DVDs! Woo!
Castle Rock
The Castle Rock bureau of small businesses welcomes you to the happiest place in  America!

Doom comes to your TV Set! The Stephen King TV-verse will premiere on July 25. 

If you watched Lost, like I did, you will hear Terry O’ Quinn’s even cadence in the voiceover of the new trailer, questioning… why Castle Rock?  Castle Rock has been cursed with horrors, and the residents are trapped by the sins of the history of the town.  This is the town of Shawshank, of Carrie, of Cujo, of the Needful Things, and so many of Stephen King’s creations.  It’s actually remarkable that anyone has bothered to stick around such an accursed community, but apparently, they do.

I will also be interested if they tie the other town of King’s penmanship, Derry, into the equation.  I would love to see how It might tie into the proceedings, though I think I would take a quick pass on any Dreamcatcher references.  The less thought put to that pile of poo, the better.  King has had decades to weave together his stories, and I’m very curious to see how they will interact with each other.  Is this going to be an anthology of multiple haunts?  Or, will there be a singular thread that influences all the creepiness?  I guess we’ll just have to tune in to find out!

A stellar cast featuring Andre Holland (The Knick), Sissy Spacek (Carrie), O’Quinn, Scott Glenn (Daredevil), Bill Skarsgard (It), Jane Levy (Don’t Breathe), and Melanie Lynskey (Heavenly Creatures) star in this bleak portrait of King’s home turf.  J.J. Abrams produces.

And, as a bit of homework for you, I also recently posted Gillian James’ fabulous Stephen King Universe flowchart, so you know who is connected to who.  It’s like trying to follow the threads on a microchip, but it’s got a lot of info in those graphics!

Castle Rock will be on Hulu…as mentioned… on July 25.

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