Our favorite film festival, The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival kicks off its 25th anniversary virtually in 2020! This streaming event is just around the corner, from Friday, October 2 through Sunday, October 4. For fans of Cosmic Horror, this is annually a can't miss event. Tickets are on sale now!
Paramount has released a trailer for Love and Monsters, a hero's journey post-apocalyptic creature feature. Dylan O'Brien, Michael Rooker, and Jessica Henwick star in this action-adventure monster mash, coming to theaters on October 16. You can check out the trailer here!
You might be wondering "What in the world is a potluck challenge?" Well, The Scariest Things hosts wanted to start sharing and sampling movies that we know each other has not watched yet. So this is a "Try it, you'll like it!" moment at TST. And, like most potlucks you've got to try everything. Is that a finger in that jello salad? PASS!
Universal / Blumhouse is going back to a reliable well to theatrically release a pop-horror film: Freaky. The often re-booted classic kids comedy Freaky Friday is being genre-bent into becoming a horror film, from the team that did it once before with Happy Death Day.
★★ out of ★★★★★ A lovely vacation in the canals in the English countryside gets turned upside-down when the vacationers are attacked by a band of toxic mutant cannibals. This wanted to be The Hills Have Eyes: UK. Unfortunately, it plays out a bit flaccid around the edges, rather like the mutants it showcases.
★★★ out of ★★★★★ I mean, really, who are we to ever question the greatness of the great Charlie Kaufman. A visionary. A cinematic poet. A deep thinker that throws head-scratchers our way every chance he gets. A repertoire filled with unimpeachable films. One after another. BUT, he's never really dabbled in the horror genre, nor has he dealt with a storyline so chilling, unnerving, and downright baffling. And it kind of shows.
★★★1/2 out of ★★★★★ Three home invaders and a hapless girlfriend break into the wrong house in this sinister, often...
Congrats! You’ve wandered down to the end of the cul-de-sac and discovered the world of sci-fi-horror. Is is horror? Is it sci-fi? Is it horror-sci-fi? Does it have space aliens? Are those furry little space aliens scary? All these questions are answered with the Top 10 Sci-Fi Horror Films of All Time!
★★★.5 out of ★★★★★ Not all horror films need to be over-wrought. They needn't be filled with hyper-complex multi-layered lore. CGI has its time and place, but that time in place is not in every time and every place. On occasion horror is able to lean simply on human emotions, quaint spaces, and languid settings. If you need a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of 21st century horror then Beyond the Woods is waiting for you...just beyond the woods.
Imagine that one day, you're just standing around, minding your own business and then ZOOP! You've been captured! Whisked away to a strange dungeon, and then tortured, and experimented on and... well it's not pretty, and for many, this a fate worse than death. The Scariest Things Crew explores this trope and has managed to drum up some real sleepers that might be new to you!
★ out of ★★★★★ All the old adages about aging are sadly true. While there are a handful of unique exceptions to aging, largely the process is mean, maddening, and without fail. The longer you stay in the game the harder it is to compete at your once prolific rate. That 12th album, might not quite be as fresh as that first lighting in a bottle 30 years prior. That 300th game might be a tad disinclined. It's just a fact of our meager little life on planet earth and this impact is felt by all -- including Dario Argento.
According to Adam B. Vary at Variety, John Carpenter has been in discussions with Blumhouse to potentially reboot his masterwork, and my personal favorite movie of all time, The Thing. While this is pretty exciting news, the obvious question is, of course, is this a good idea? Reboots are risky propositions, and more than a few notable horror films have dropped the ball doing so.
Inexplicable, unfathomable, abominable, and utterly incomprehensible: Cosmic Horror is designed to blow your mind. The concepts are vast and often come with a metric ton of tentacles. Behold and beware, it's Episode 105! The Stars are Right and your fates have been sealed. You MUST listen to this podcast!
You love ’em. You hate ’em. You don’t know where to start. You worship at their altar. All these things are true. One of the most polemic (and satisfying) devices in the horror genre — shaky cam/found footage flics.
★★★★★ out of ★★★★★ HBO's big budget Jordan Peele produced series is off to a ripping start. It is both timeless and timely, and the HBO pedigree shines through. Great acting, great characters, stunning visuals, a promising plot, and some very intense and gory moments mark the first entry to the show.
★★★★ out of ★★★★★

🩸🩸🩸🩸 out of 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸

A brutal and difficult to watch examination of a young woman laid low by a necrotic wasting case of VD. Emotionally rough and viscerally horrifying, this is not one for the weak of heart or stomach.

★★★★ out of ★★★★★ This Russian take on a cosmic creature wreaking havoc on Earth is a winning effort that...
We all know that horror movies are not the work of a single individual. That the production is a team effort. In many cases, these collaborative partnerships become long-lasting and reflect upon the skills and efforts of two (or a few) closely collaborating individuals that become forever linked together, and The Scariest Things takes a look at some of our favorites.
★★★★ out of ★★★★★ So close. Not quite. Just about there. One more try. Close but no cigar. You're right in the ballpark. Just. One. More. Inch. This is the prevailing and effectively repeated trope in the 2019 (U.S. release) Thai film, the Pool.

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