Liz’s Book Report: Suburban Hell

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★★★ out of ★★★★★

By Maureen Kilmer

Suburban moms Amy, Liz, Jess and Melissa are all best friends living in Whispering Farms an upscale suburb of Chicago. One evening as they gathered at Liz’s house to drink and gossip they share a toast to the “she shed”, a sanctuary Liz is going to build for herself in her backyard, but as their glasses clink the air shifts with the feeling of something sinister.

The author, Maureen Kilmer

Soon after that night the group begins to notice changes in Liz and it becomes clear that she has become possessed. Amy, Jess and Melissa have to battle the forces of darkness for their friend’s soul all the while keeping up with PTA meetings, school carnivals, neighborhood barbeques and their kids.

Accurately marketed as “Bad Moms meets My Best Friend’s Exorcism”, Suburban Hell is a really fun page-turner chock full of horror references and tropes all the while exploring the pressures of motherhood and the value female friendships.

The novel will be released by Penguin Random House on August 30, 2022. You can preorder a copy on Amazon or wherever you buy your books.

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