Trailer and Poster Alert! Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022

The sequel/re-quel that no one really asked for is right around the corner. This winter we’ll get to see more septuagenarians and/or octogenarians battle it out in a grudge match that began nearly 50 years ago! Why? Who knows. But it sure helped give the Halloween franchise a kick in the pants!

Not that the previous eight films didn’t hold true to the promise of glorious gore, because they certainly did. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre even came in as a solid number eight on our top 100 films of all time. This is a franchise that wanders from extra-brilliant transgressive lunacy to meh.

The latest film in the franchise has much promise! Fedy Alvarez worked on the story. John Larroquette is back to narrate. And even Sally Hardesty — in the form of actress Olwen Fouéré — is on the scene. Most importantly our main man Leatherface is back for another cut, or slice, at truly terrified troubled teens.

So. Much. Promise.

Our hot take? The trailer looks a little chaotic and not in a good way. The signature violin squeal from the previous Texas Chainsaws is gone. The town of “Harlow” Texas looks like a bad Hollywood backlot sound stage from the 1960s. And, sadly, Leatherface doesn’t look as imposing as his past caricatures. Hate to say it but septuagenarian killers might be getting a little played out.

A boatload of promise that may very well be squandered. While there’s some weak spots in the near 50 year history of Texas Chainsaw, there’s also some greatness. Here’s to hoping the 2022’s entry doesn’t end up on the stockyard killing floor.

ATMOSfx! Woo!

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