The Scariest Things Podcast: Episode XXIII The Best Horror Remakes

Scary DVDs! Woo!


That film is sacrosanct!  It’s untouchable.  It’s pure perfection and should never be subject to the sleazy money-grubbing ways of Hollywood.  There’s literally no way to reimagine this film — literally…NO WAY.

These any many other hyper-charged polemic statements have been uttered loudly and irrationally on the Scariest Things Podcast — repeatedly.  But are they just that?  A fat and self-satisfying dose of hyperbole? Or are there really horror films out there that can and SHOULD be remade?  Like all things uncertain…we’ve got your answer.

Join the Scariest Things Podcast as we tear up the play book and look at those times when Hollywood has (actually) gotten it right and developed the best horror remakes ever!


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