Scariest Things Podcast: Episode XXVI (The Best Horror Sequels)

ATMOSfx! Woo!
IMG_3693Good artists create.  Great artist steal.  No truer words could ever be spoken regarding the horror genre.  

Sometimes Hollywood opts for the remake (Episode XXIII). But the remake can be costly, requires lots and lots of writing, and it ultimately requires Hollywood to put on the ol’ thinking cap.  That’s work. Hollywood is a beast that needs constant feeding, its a shark that has to keep moving, it’s a roving band of piranhas with an unquenchable taste for blood, it’s a crusty cluster of meth addicts who…well you get the idea.  This is an industry that needs to eat — all day every day.

Arguably one of the only ways — or at least the cheapest way — is to go straight back to the well that provided the original nourishment.  It will take time for the well to run bone dry, but until then…

Join Mike and Eric as we break it all down and feed your unquenchable thirst for horror, and in Episode XXVI we feed you a mighty helping of leftovers — or rather the BEST Horror Sequels of all time!

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