Podcast Extra: A Conversation with Murder Bury Win Director Michael Lovan

Sometimes when you find a film, you connect with it. And sometimes when you write about this film connection, the director of the film wants to share his love of creating the film with you. Such was the case with Michael Lovan, and his film, Murder Bury Win, and he sat down to discuss all things about this firecracker of a movie with The Scariest Things.
How to deal with a corpse: Henry Alexander Kelly, Erich Lane, and Mikelen Walker in Murder Bury Win.

One of our favorite films from the genre circuit last year was Murder Bury Win, a thriller/comedy/horror adjacent title that worked its way through the festival circuit and is releasing Blu-Ray and DVD copies of the movie, as well as announcing the streaming release on iTunes. The director, Michael Lovan, sat down to chat with Eric about making his movie, board games, and what it is like to find success this early in his movie-making career.

Michael did this movie on something akin to a whim. He is not one of those directors who worked his way through the industry through short film creation, nor is he a product of the Hollywood film production engine. He’s been a writer for the video game industry and had an idea in mind and he found the right person to make this movie happen.

Though trained at UCLA’s film school, you would not know from his movie that this was his narrative feature debut. The film has garnered a lot of recognition as it has been picked up and won awards in a number of film festivals, which is something he has essentially managed without a whole lot of insider assistance. He wrote, directed, and has a minor role in the Murder Bury Win, and he took some time to share his experience with the Scariest Things.

Murder Bury Win is a story of the creative process, through the lens of the board gaming world. It celebrates the joys of coming up with an idea, selling the idea, seeing that idea FAIL, getting a second chance, and having that second chance become fools gold. It is about betrayal and stubborn determination, and ethics, but above all else, it is FUN. You will see this film nominated for several Thingy Awards, and you can also see a write-up from Robert’s interview with Mr. Lovan here.

What are you going to do with that bear trap? Erich Lane, Mikelen Walker, and Henry Alexander Kelly in Murder Bury Win.
Craig Cackowski in Murder Bury Win.
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