Scariest Things Podcast Episode XIX: When Horror Goes Too Far…

ATMOSfx! Woo!
Hostel-1-Movie-Images-9The ultimate subjective question…can, does, and will horror go too far. Yes? No? Maybe? Well, it depends.  

Cannibals, serial killers, mutilation, sexual assault.  The quintessential video nasties.  These are boundaries that have been pushed, well, for as long as film has been around.  Each generation develops their own intestinal fortitude and moral compass and at some point your reptilian brain says “…uh…what in the world am I watching.  This is TOO much.”

Join us for Episode XIX where we sit down and figure out if it is possible to go TOO far and find out where the Scariest Things Podcast lies on the TOO FAR METER.


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