The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XIII: Our Favorite Horror Actors and Actresses

Mike and Eric discuss our favorite actors and actresses of the genre.  No one-and-doners here!  Career horror stalwarts only!

Continuing from Episode XII where we discussed our favorite horror directors, Mike and Eric took some time off to discuss some of our favorite Horror actors and actresses.  Part of the dilemma was, whether to do a best individual performance or best horror movie career.  For this list, we chose the career performance.  Something interesting became clear between actors and actresses in genre films.  There have been several fantastic and notable female roles in Horror, with many garnering Oscar-worthy performances. However, many aspiring actresses start in horror, but few have stuck with it…. but we accepted the challenge, and ended up landing on some familiar names when making our selections.

The actors, however, often will stay within the genre, happily cranking out movie after movie and keeping the spooky going.  So, picking the actors was an easier proposition.  There are so many great scary movie actors, that we may just have to revisit the topic in the future.  Since, as is typical for horror, there will inevitably be a sequel!


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