Horror Movie News: Halloween “Hella Scary”

jamie-lee-curtis-halloweenIn a nice little bit of yet-to-be-witnessed self-promotion, THE Jamie Lee Curtis declares the new Halloween film to be “Hella Scary.  According this week’s article in Variety, Curtis said “It will scare the living sh-t out of all of you.”

That’s all well and good, but it seems like six months is an awful long time to tease out a film.  My worry, and I’m not alone, is that this just might not be all that and a bag-o-chips.   I’m cautiously optimistic, but according to Movie Web “..Recently, some news surfaced online about a recent test screening of the new Halloween movie. According to an unverified account, the ending was very unsatisfying and overall, this quasi-sequel was not that great.”

This franchise has been around for some time and hopefully it’s not too long in the tooth.   The most promising piece of news is that John Carpenter is involved.  And, well, that might just be enough to get it over the hump.

We’ll leave you with the original trailer as a reminder of the hump that needs getting over…



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