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Horror movie critic Luca Pincelli, author of Horror World & Reviews, was the first peer to recognize The Scariest Things, and we are very pleased that he has graced us with his Top 25 Horror Films.  (Go visit his site, it's awesome!)
One of our siblings in horror Podcasting picks up the machete in their Top 25 Horror movies!  After you're finished listening to the trends and tropes overview of horror topics from The Scariest Things, head over to Tremble's Podcast to hear them go in-depth on your genre favorites!
Scariest Things superfan, Marne Oyen brings the gateway horror.  Horror comedy!  A horror MUSICAL!  Kids horror!  Her Top 25 Horror Films have the fun injected into the fare.
Robert (Zed) and Eric's (Lightnin Li) childhood pal, and OG Scariest Things influence Mike Fryer recalls his favorite spooky films.  Damn you Mike!  This is all your fault!
A good friend of the Scariest Things, Co-Organizer of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and the Portland Horror Film Festival, Gwen Callahan gives us her Top 25 Horror films with some Asian Horror flair!
Mad Monster Party convention host, Famous Monsters of Filmland editor and genre FX sculptor Joe Moe brings his considerable horror bona fides to bear with his top 25 list!
We're very lucky to have acclaimed Hellboy comic writer and editor, Scott Allie, providing his top 25 ballot!  And, there's something oddly familiar about his top pick... where have we seen this before?  So, horror... or not?  Hmmmmm.  
Willy Greer, Film Cult Podcaster, and the other half of the most knowledgeable horror trivia team on the planet, throws a curveball at you with a boffo #1 selection in his top 25 Horror Films, and nods to some of the classics of the genre.
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the internet, one half of the most knowledgeable horror trivia team on the planet, Jeff Dean, reveals his Top 25 Horror movies for you. 
Horror journalist Joseph Perry mixes in some Thrills (He is certainly a big David Lynch fan) with his Scares in his top 25 list.  And yes, he's ready for "That's Not a Horror Movie!"  Hot take!
Welcome aboard all our new visitors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar! (Wow... Myanmar?) The Scariest Things would like to know if there's anything good and scary from your region.

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