The Scariest things Podcast Extra: An Interview with FANGORIA’s Amanda Presmyk

The Scariest Things were gifted with an interview at the Overlook Film Festival with Satanic Panic‘s Producer, Amanda Presmyk, who gave us her behind the scenes insights on her new movie and the movie business. Get the scoop in our Podcast Extra!

One year ago, after a review that The Scariest did for Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, following the Portland Horror Film Festival, we were contacted by FANGORIA’s Amanda Presmyk, the producer of that fantastically fun and gory horror comedy, and she requested an interview to talk about her movie. Amanda was a true delight to have on our Podcast Extra, and has become one of TST’s most important contacts. When we got the Overlook Film Festival schedule, we realized she was going to be down there as well, and it was a treat for Mike and Eric to meet with her in-person while we were all down in the Big Easy.

FANGORIA was in town for the world premiere red carpet showing of their latest film Satanic Panic at the Overlook Film Festival. That movie is a goofy and gory romp of a film, further cementing FANGORIA’s place in the horror production landscape. B-movies at heart, but with good writing and acting, with copious amounts of blood… and a wink.

From my perspective, FANGORIA’s efforts are consistent in tone. producing films that belie their limited budgets. They will take risks that the big studios won’t, but they also produce more crowd-pleasing fare than the often more serious independent films produce. In her words, FANGORIA aims to produce movies “That don’t Flinch, that aren’t afraid.”

Amanda shared some of the backstories of the movie production, how the movies get green-lit, and some of the background of their new upscaled prestige paper publication. If you remembered the old floppy copies of FANGORIA, it’s time to rethink your perspective. The new magazine is a glorious quarterly book. You can get your subscription HERE. Also, FANGORIA

A production note, we were recording this episode at an outdoor cafe in New Orleans, in 97-degree heat with 90 percent humidity. You can’t hear the flop sweat building up, but you can hear some of the urban environmental sounds. But, we embraced the Southern swampy climate and came up with some great insider info for our fans with this terrific little interview with Amanda.

For those of you wanting to catch Satanic Panic at a festival near you, with Fantasia Fest in Montreal next up in July, and the film will be out for limited release in the fall.

Who knows, perhaps this has become an annual tradition, and next year we’ll be able to enjoy yet another FANGORIA showcase next year, and we can once again talk the trends and tropes with Amanda!

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