Movie News: Popcorn Frights Festival Streaming Catalog

ATMOSfx! Woo!

Popcorn Frights, one of our favorite film festivals, is going to try and help you get over being scared about corona virus, and making you scared about something else! With their Stream and Scream promotion, they are providing info on where to find their festival movies past, for your enjoyment.

Well, we’re all in it together, aren’t we? In that vein, our friends Igor and Marc have made it easy for you to find the great films that have come to their festival, including some films so obscure that they have gotten past the notice of The Scariest Things! (Hard to believe, I know.) One thing we do know, is that they’ve been doing this since 2015, and since we have been assisting them with screener reviews, The Scariest Things team can vouch that they have the highest standard when it comes to Independent horror films.

That said… we have watched a whole bunch of these films, and if you want our take on them before you dive in, here are our reviews:

Also, we don’t have reviews for them but Bone Tomahawk and Jungle are also very good movies to watch.

WOW! If you watch one of these a night, by the time you’re done, the pandemic will be over! Well, we can always hope. Great job from our friends from Fort Lauderdale. I hope that Popcorn Frights can take place as it does every year in August. Follow Popcorn Fright’s directions on which services have the movies we reviewed.

Support independent horror films! Support film festivals!

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