Scariest Things Podcast Interview with horror director Bomani J. Story

The Scariest Things Podcast had the honor of sitting down with one of the most inventive voices in horror today, Bomani J. Story, to talk about his new film the Angry Black Girl and Her Monster. The film had its premiere at SXSW and the Scariest Things Podcast was there to take it all in!

A hundred years on we’ve been blessed and not-so-blessed with hundreds, or maybe thousands of Frankenstein-related films. Remakes, reboots, re-imaginations, a reworking of the Mary Shelley source material, and even re-re-working of Shelley’s book.

Fangoria! Woo!

The Frankenstein mythos has comfortably slipped into our collective horror zeitgeist. Bomani J. Story is able to craft and new and original take on this horror original.

While Bomani J. Story is the real hero of this film, there’s not a bad actor on set. From Laya DeLeon Hayes near perfect performance as Vicaria (AKA Dr. Frankenstein) to the compassion and care that actor Chad L. Coleman brings to light as her father, The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster is exceptionally cast. 

Listen in as we talk about Bomani’s influences, the casting for the Angry Black Girl and Her Monster, and his favorite horror film(s)! Check out our SXSW review of his film here.

Head out to the theaters everywhere to catch the Angry Black Girl and Her Monster on June 9!

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