Trailer Alert! A Classic Horror Story

Giallo mashed up with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Uh, yes, please. We’d love to see that! Well, now you can. Those horror geniuses over at Netflix have officially dropped the official trailer for 2021’s A Classic Horror Story.

According to Neflix’s incredibly short trailer, this film shot in the southern region of Italy, is a film about “…Music for children, an abandoned house, five strangers: it looks like the classic horror movie and instead…” Well, color us intrigued?

It’s unclear if this film, which looks equal parts Argento and Hooper, really is going to be something to write home about, but these 52 seconds of fright have got us mighty excited for what could be the next big thing.

Due out on the streets on July 14, A Classic Horror story is co-directed by co-directed by Roberto DeFeo (we’re assuming he’s got no relationship to the Amityville DeFeo) and Paolo Strippoli. Both DeFeo and Strippoli have a handful of writing and directing credits under their belts, so it will be really interesting to see how they interpret the rich Italian horror tradition.

Until then, take a deep breath, and get prepped for their new trailer…

Scary DVDs! Woo!
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