Trailer Alert! New George Romero Movie: The Amusement Park

The almighty George Romero has a new movie coming out in June 2021! Wait, hasn’t he been dead since 2017!?!? Indeed he has, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t create a mountain of content never before seen by human eyes. In the same way that Prince will be releasing albums well in to the next century, Romero may have some additional gems that have never made their way out of the crypt. Until now!

Set for an early June release on Shudder, is Amusement Park. Originally developed in 1973, tucked somewhere between the great Seaon of the Witch and The Crazies, Amusement Park was a project developed at the behest of the Pittsburgh-based Lutheran Services. It’s true! Look it up.

Lutheran Services wanted to employ Romero’s handiwork to develop a film that looked at the darker and often underreported nature of senior citizen discrimination. What Romero handed in was a far more dark treatment, of this already dark subject, that no one was ready to contemplate. And it was subsequently parked in neutral for nearly 50 years.

ATMOSfx! Woo!
Remind us to stay away from this amusement park.

The trailer, available below, looks to be equal parts Martin and Season of the Witch. A psychedelic treatment of the 1960s slowly crawling in to the 1970s. Never one to ever shy away from tackling society’s foibles through a very jaundiced prism, Romero looks to have turned up all the nobs on this spooky trip to the Amusement Park.

Staring Lincoln Maazal, one of the stalwart characters in 1977’s vampire fete, Martin, this trailer is cram-packed with a pile of thought provoking and social conscious nightmare fodder. Don’t take our word for it…crank up the trailer and bask in the glory that is another Romero offering!

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