Movie Posters We Love: Top Ten Horror Posters from 2020

There’s obviously no reason to re-hash 2020 and the fact that we haven’t physically been to a movie theater — FOR NEARLY A YEAR! But, sadly, we haven’t. We haven’t had chance to stare lovingly at the marquee, the pamphlet with the coming features, and most importantly, the poster.

It’s weird to think that the traditional 27×40″ one-sheet that we used to get lost in has been reduced to some weird digital file on Netflix. It’s now the relative size of your digital device. Sure, some of us out there have 100″+ boob tubes, but for many of us this cold and spiritless outing leaves quite a bite to the imagination. BUT, designers haven’t thrown in the towel. Quite the opposite.

They continue to explore new techniques, sprinkle homage to years gone by, and evoke terror and panic through the simple use of dark and foreboding color palettes. Some of this year’s features offer some ghoulish use of fonts and some opt for a more traditional titling approach. Others come to us straight from 42nd street in 1973, while others explore new terror-tories and even pack the poster with clear spoilers and images and themes central to the film.

Here’s to hoping that we don’t have to continue to glare at this beautiful design work on a stupid smartphone. The Scariest Things Podcast WILL be in a theater in 2021! Mark our words. We’ll be those dunces over in the corner fixated on the Halloween Kills poster.

Until then lets give a look a the TOP 10 horror posters that we didn’t get to see in 2020!

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