The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: The Lloyd Kaufman Interview!

Fangoria! Woo!
Mr. Troma, himself: Lloyd Kafuman!
Provocateur, carnival barker, secret intellectual, comedian, and instigator: the great Lloyd Kaufman is joining The Scariest Things to talk about his latest and greatest offering, #Shakespeare’s Shitstorm! Never boring, often crass, but always gracious, it was fantastic for the Scariest Things to spend some with the Mayor of Tromaville.

What a wild ride! A dream interview for Eric and Mike, we got a chance to have a discussion with the B-Movie legend, the creator of many films that were formative in our somewhat dubious movie canon. Thanks to our friends at Another Hole in the Head Film Festival who were showing his movie as the headlining act, we were able to spend some talking with Lloyd about his new film and about If you enjoy an engaging and hot-button discussion from everything from our current political culture to Andy Warhol to Iambic pentameter and Oliver Stone, you’re in luck!

Kaufman is much more than the clownish persona that he often portrays in his film, he has a brilliant intellect, and always has a point to make. Ed Wood, he is not. Yes, the movies come from the very bowels of the B-movie pool, and yes, the films can be chaotic and tasteless… but as Mike likes to say just because it’s stupid doesn’t mean it’s dumb. There is real thought behind his movies, underneath the Geek show veneer.

Apologies in advance for the audio quality of this production. We had some issues with Skype and ended up having to record (GASP) off of a cell phone. Fortunately, Lloyd sounds fantastic. Mike and Eric got lost in the Shitstorm and the echo got kind of nasty, with Mike drifting away in a lifeboat. But what a wonderful discussion, and we’ll do it again! (And TOTALLY redeem ourselves!)

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Lloyd Kaufman in his latest film #Shakespeare’s Shitstorm

Thanks again to Troma, and Lloyd for joining us. It was a real treat getting to do this! We hope you enjoy this as much as we did in interviewing him.

PS: Mike was right, the Tempest was one of the Bard’s final plays.

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