Movie News: Troma’s Streaming Service

If yer’ anything like yer pals at the Scariest Things Podcast you’ve got a broad cinema palette and an even broader tolerance for the profane, the vile, and the FART joke. Good news! There’s now a streaming service that seamlessly blends all that gory goodness together in a horrifying smoothie called TROMA NOW! Come celebrate Lloyd Kaufman and the bizarro universe that is Troma.

Scary DVDs! Woo!

Sure…you’re a real Troma connoisseur. You’ve seen the Toxic Avenger, you’ve make it through Surf Nazis Must Die, and you even weathered Poultrygiest, but have you ever laid your bloodshot eyes on Fortress Amerikkka, Pot Zombies, Cannibal Claus, or even the 15-second (yes, that’s really a thing) horror film — Exorcise the Demon? No? Really. What in the holy hell are you waiting for you slack-jawed twerp? Head on over to Tromaville and get with it.

Seriously, if you’re looking for a challenge, wanting something REALLY worthwhile to binge, or actually think you’ve made it to the bottom of Troma’s bottomless cesspool, then TROMA NOW is your ticket to radical righteousness. Not only is this library filled with the full spate of Troma’s loving offerings it’s also cram-packed with comics, interviews, weirdo animation, and a collection of tasteless glory from days of yor!

Looking to see vintage fare like Crazed with Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke), or the Bat with Vincent Price? It’s there too! You’ll dig and dig, but never make to the bottom of this pit of cinematic brilliance. Trust us, we’ve been trying for decades and have NEVER run out of Troma, glorious Troma, to devour.

Tune in, turn on, and drop out — the TROMA way!

Sign up for your free trial right here!

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