Horror News: The Isolation Horrors (2020)

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The Isolation Horrors, 2020.

Have you had enough isolation yet? Did you lose out on the last role of toilet paper? Are you debating the merits of the Exorcist vs. Exorcist III with your cat? Has the isolation started to creep under your skin and in to your psyche?

Good! You’re in luck. There’s a new short horror anthology that looks at the dark and horrific side of ISOLATION! Coming out this Friday, April 24, The Isolation Horrors, promises to be a fun look at the unanticipated side effects of human isolation in a pandemic. According to the trailer, Isolation Horrors follows an individual who “After finding a bloody face mask in the street during an epidemic outbreak a concerned neighbor calls his home-isolating friends to check on them. Meanwhile the friends are experiencing their own horrors in their homes during lockdown.”

The Isolation Horrors, 2020.

The rules for this horror short anthology were also pretty simple:

  • Shoot your film on your phone.
  • Make a horror film.

Since we’ve already been pretty well trained (…well some of us have) to stay at home, the rest of this assignment should be a cakewalk. The five segments from this timely and spooky anthology include: Ghosting Isolation (M.W. Daniels), Goryo (Emma Dark), The Bloody Face Mask (Nicolai Kornum), Across the Landing (Richard Markworth), and Anomolous (John Whitaker).

Mark your calendars for Friday, April 24 on over at YouTube. This is your chance to forget all your troubles — or rather, confront them head on! In the mean time peep this teaser trailer and get ready to ISOLATE!

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