Trailer Alert: Color Out Of Space (2020)

ATMOSfx! Woo!

The most fully realized film version of an HP Lovecraft story? More psychedelic freakouts from Nick Cage? The return of more Mandy-like weirdness? A real live Cthulu monster? Director Richard Stanley’s (Island of Dr. Moreau, Hardware, Dust Devil) return to greatness? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS!

What we do know is the Color Out of Space is hitting the theaters awfully soon and the trailer looks like an LSD-tinged psychotic horror episode. Based loosely (?) or entirely (?) on the HP Lovecraft story the Colour Out of the Space — not to be confused with the COLOR Out of the Space — that follows a family who’ve recently discovered a meteorite in their backyard. This meteorite is up to no good. Poison gas, strange happenings, freaky vegetation, and a real live Cthulu monster!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for a full review from your pals at the Scariest Things. But, before you book out to the theater check this might awesome looking trailer and get as excited as we are!

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