The Scariest Things Podcast Episode LXXXVI: The Best Horror Movies of 2019

Fangoria! Woo!
The Golden Era of Horror films shows no signs of letting up if judging by the quality of features offered up in 2019. Now it’s time to talk about our favorites!

Character-driven horror once again proved the difference in 2019. It has been the defining element of horror in this current era, and with the genre receiving more critical respect, this is the area where new directors get to show their prowess. Ari Aster, Chelsea Stardust, Jordan Peele, André Øvredal, Alexandre Aja, Radio Silence, and Severin Fiala all have been making waves as new voices in cinema with their horror productions. As critical acclaim meets up with box office success, paired with the always relatively low cost of entry for horror, you would have to believe that the industry will continue to support independent horror, while the big studios look to create their own profitable ventures. (Halloween, Us, A Quiet Place.)

The film festival circuit again provided us with many of our favorite films this year. The mid-budget features also had some significant winners in our eyes as well. Horror Television also had a great year, as Liz has reminded us all. (Eric would have added What We Do in the Shadows and Swamp Thing, had I known we could include TV!)

If you want more recommendations, our individual Top 10 Lists have been written up for you on the site:

We hope you go support our favorite films from this past year! When the quality of horror movies remains this high, you can only hope that the trend continues. Keep watching the scary, and let’s hope we get more great stuff in 2020! Thank you for listening to our podcast and reading our web magazine. If you like what you see and hear, please consider being one of our Patrons! Everything we earn from Patreon goes back into the site, and that will just help us spread the message of scary!

Thank you so much, from the Scariest Team! Enjoy the Podcast. Happy New Year everyone!

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