Liz’s Top 10 Horror Films of 2019

2019 was another great year in horror. Never one to follow the rules, my list is comprised of Horror films and television.

We’ve got a tie! 1. & 2. The Lodge (Veronica Franz & Severin Fiala) and Extra Ordinary (Enda Loughman & Mike Ahren) both of these spectacular films will be coming to US theaters in March (finally).

3. Midsommar (Ari Aster) Sun drenched and dread filled, this film gets better with a second view.

4. It Chapter 2 (Andres Muschietti) Pennywise + Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy + 5000 gallons of fake blood = a great summer horror blockbuster.

5. Crawl (Alexandre Aja) Swim for your life! This is the start of my campaign for more Barry Pepper.

6. Little Monsters (Abe Forsythe) I chose this over that other Lupita Nyong’o horror film released this year…

7. Wounds (Babak Anvari) This film based on the short story The Visible Filth by Nathan Ballingrud (read my review here) is available on Hulu. Bugs and body horror in the Big Easy.

8. Marianne (created by Samuel Bodin) If you wished the quirky French rom-com Amelie was a horror series, boy is Marianne for you! Check it out streaming on Netflix.

9. Los Espookys (created by Fred Armisen, Ana Fabrega, and Julio Torres) When your business is horror…business is Espooky! Check out this horror comedy series on HBO.

10 Typewritter (Sujoy Ghosh) A family friendly Indian series, available to stream on Netflix, about a group of precocious young ghost-hunters and a haunted villa

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