The Scariest Things Podcast Episode LXXVIII: Horror at the Workplace

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And you think your job sucks! Welcome to the workplace of Horror. Do you trust the people you work with? Do you hate your boss? Horror movies have picked up on these feelings and have tapped into the worst-case workplace scenarios.

Your workplace should be a safe haven. If you are fortunate, you work in a job that you love, with people who you enjoy working with, and a boss who is generous, charismatic, and understanding. Your job should be life affirming, wealth accumulating, and something that taps into your creative talents. For the lucky out there, you will have achieved work-life balance nirvana, or better yet, you are now fully in control of your work life. You are the boss, or you are independent from the burdens of having to be a slave to the grind.

At worst, it might be a boring drudgery. Wait, no. At WORST you will have a rogue killer loose in your office. Or you are given orders to kill your colleagues. Or your office might be haunted! The banal existence of your day to day life infused with a little bloody chaos. Yeah, despite what you think, it could be worse. Perhaps you might be better off working from home.

Do you have a colleague who seems a little too-stressed out? Maybe it’s time for a vacation to get away from someone who might just come unhinged. Does your job place you in an area that might cost you your life or your sanity? Do you have a boss who is suggesting something that might just cross over the border to violent criminality? The grass might be greener at the office across town. Just sayin’. In short, remember this:

There are worse things than getting fired. Much much worse.

You may have to dig a little bit to find good examples of this sub-genre, but that’s what we’re here to do. We’ve found them for you. Go out and find these gems from your streaming service of choice, and let us know if you agree with us… or if we have missed one that SHOULD have been on this episode!

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