Liz’s Review: Employee of the Month (Fantasia International Film Fest)

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★★★★ out of ★★★★★

Directed by Véronique Jadin

Ines (Jasmine Douieb) has been working at EcoCleanPro for 17 years. She’s the legal expert but also the office manager, HR director, secretary and person (woman) who orders supplies and keeps the office running.

She’s surrounded by sexist and inept male colleagues who barley lift a finger and spend their days drinking over long lunches that Ines has never been invited to. Their office is so bad that they have been singled out amongst the corporation for having the largest pay equity gap.

In addition to all her other duties, Ines is also the newly appointed mentor to Melody (Laetitia Mampaka) an accounting intern who’s first day on the job is also the day of the employee annual reviews. When Ines is passed over for a raise (for the 17th time) she decides to finally stand up for herself and demand one from her boss Patrick (Peter Van den Begin). However, that meeting doesn’t go as planned and ends with Patrick’s (laugh out loud funny) demise and Ines and Melody left to clean up the mess. 

Employee of the Month is a hilarious and scathing look at misogyny through the lens of office politics. The performances from the whole cast are terrific but it is the ladies who stand out. You can almost hear the eye rolls as Melody takes the pile of documents she’s been tasked with shredding and watching Ines blossom from mousey pushover to boss bitch as she knocks off her coworkers will have you cheering.

Employee of the Month just made its Canadian debut at the Fantasia International Film festival. Stay tuned to The Scariest Things for where to see this great horror comedy.

For more horror in the workplace, listen to our podcast episode 78!

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