Horror TV: New Horror Anthology Coming to Hulu

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Who doesn’t love a good creature feature?

Hulu is quickly establishing itself as the go-to place for new, original horror TV. With its Castle Rock series from Stephen King and J. J. Abrams and the Blumhouse anthology Into the Dark there are already some tasty scares available from the network. Apparently Hulu thought that wasn’t enough and who are we to argue?

Currently sporting the less-than-descriptive working title of The Untitled Mary Laws Project, this new horror anthology series has been picked up for an eight-episode run. As the working title suggests, this new show is created by, written, and executive produced by Mary Laws. Laws’ most recent project has been writing for the first three seasons of AMC’s Preacher.

Babak Anvari

Joining Mary for this new endeavor are none other than Under the Shadow (2016) and Wounds (2019) filmmakers Babak Anvari and Lucan Toh. They will be joining Laws in the executive producing arena and Anvari is set to direct some (all?) of the episodes. As big fans of Under the Shadow here at The Scariest Things, having Anvari attached to this new series can only mean good things.

The new Hulu anthology is based on a collection of short stories by Nathan Ballingrud entitled North American Lake Monsters: Stories. This was his first published book. His second book, The Visible Filth, was adapted by Anvari and Toh to become their second movie, Wounds.

Lucan Toh

According to The Verge, North American Lake Monsters “gathers nine of Ballingrud’s short stories, featuring a man facing werewolves, a Lovecraftian adventure in the arctic, some very scary vampires, and a father and daughter who deal with the discovery of a beached lake monster.”

With the talent they’ve got behind this new series, The Scariest Things Crüe can’t wait to get this new show in front of our peepers. More scary monsters, please!

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with any new info we learn!

Source: Deadline

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