Horror Movie News: Lords of Chaos Trailer

Scary DVDs! Woo!

Well this certainly looks interesting! Much like horror with all of its weird and appurtenant sub-genres, heavy metal, has got its fare share — and more. Lords of Chaos follows on the weirdest of them all: Black Metal. Roughly predicated on the idea that satansim and the devil are real things and that the only way to combat christianity is through a whopping dose of the darkest and grisly sounds you ever did hear.

Originally released as a book in 1998, the Lords of Chaos obsessively follows the rise of Black Metal, and in particular, the insanity surrounding the Norwegian church burnings, murders, and terror that took place in the name of SATAN. While the book covers much more than the film appears to cover, the film looks to provide an interesting little glimpse in to the lives burgeoning satanists and all-around music terrorists.

The film is a Vice Magazine imprint and it’s set to drop in theaters on February 8, 2019, and on demand on February 22, 2019. Check back for a Scariest Things review of this horrifyingly horrifying historical manifestation of good ol’ rock and roll. In the mean time peep the trailer right here.

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