Horror Movie News: Lindsay Lohan Werewolf Movie

Fangoria! Woo!

Um…we’re not exactly sure where to park this, but here it is…Lindsay Lohan is in a werewolf movie. Don’t get us wrong, everyone’s got to pay the bills and horror is a famous dumping ground for famous people who’ve been famously dumped. So there it is. Among the Shadows is done. It’s got a trailer. It’s got a poster. Allegedly, they’re working on distribution for this Lindsay Lohan fright-fest.

The plot involves a private eye descended from werewolves. She has to go to work when her uncle is murdered in a politically-motivated attack. Patricia Sherman (Lohan), the wife of European Federation President Richard Sherman, hires the private dick to investigate the uncle’s killing. The body count rises and the PI has to unravel the mystery. Not super clear if Lohan is a werewolf, or a vampire, or a super-cool vampire-werewolf crossbreed. The were-pire!

Apparently, and this doesn’t bode well for Among the Shadows, but the film was originally titled The Shadow Within and was primarily shot in Brussels, Belgium between November and December 2015, with additional shooting taking place in London and Rome throughout 2016. Lo and behold, there was already a 2007 joint titled the Shadow within, so Among the Shadows it is!

Not sure if your Scariest Things Podcast pals will catch this one, but if we do we’ll be sure to give you the down low on this Lohan masterwork.

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