The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XLVII: Our favorite 2018 Horror Movies

A 2018 Horror Movie Retrospective! Blockbusters.  Indies.  Short Films.  And we saw a whole bunch of em.  Mike and Eric break down their fearsome foursome for 2018.

We came, we saw… well, we saw a whole lot of brand spanking new horror movies this year.  In our maiden voyage of horror podcasting this year, Mike Campbell and Eric Li ended up watching quite a variety of them this year, and even if we’re just talking about movies from 2018, and with Robert, Liz, and Amy, we saw 58 of them. I am including movies that may have had a release in 2017, but were still on the festival circuit in 2018, and not in wide release until 2018. Here’s what the Scariest Things Crew is picking from, and by the way, each one of these has a review on the site:

A Brilliant Monster ☠ Annihilation ☠ A Quiet Place ☠ Beast ☠ Big Legend ☠ Black Wake ☠ Bloodfest ☠ Cam ☠ Cold Skin ☠ Corpse ☠ Dead by Midnight (11pm Central) ☠ Dead List ☠ Downrange ☠Framed ☠ Ghost Stories ☠ God Inside My Ear ☠ Halloween ☠ Hammer of the Gods ☠ Hereditary ☠ Housewife ☠ I Kill Giants ☠ Incident in a Ghost Land ☠ Malevolent ☠ Mom and Dad ☠ One Cut of the Dead ☠ Ouija Seance: The Final Game ☠ Overlord ☠ Prospect ☠ Primal Rage ☠ Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich ☠ Pyewacket ☠ St Agatha ☠ Satan’s Slaves ☠ Selfie from Hell ☠Slice ☠ Spiral ☠ Summer of ’84 ☠ Survival of the Film Freaks ☠ Suspiria ☠ Terrifyer ☠ The Endless ☠ The Executioners ☠ The Farm ☠ The Fear Footage ☠ The LaPlace’s Demon ☠ The Meg ☠ The Predator ☠ The Ranger ☠ The Ritual ☠ Tigers are Not Afraid ☠ Truth or Dare ☠ Tumbbad ☠ Unsane ☠ Upgrade ☠ Victor Crowley ☠ What Keeps You Alive

I was also privileged to go to a few horror movie festivals which featured some of the best horror short films around.  Now, here’s the trick with the short films.  You probably won’t see these on YouTube until next year, but The Scariest Things will make a point of posting these as soon as they become streamable! I’ve highlighted the ones that we have available to watch on our site. And… one of these is being picked by Mike in his fearsome foursome!  Search for these, find them, and enjoy them.

A Love Story (US) ☠ Acide (FR) ☠ Amy (US) ☠ Blood Runs Down (US) ☠ Bookworm (US) ☠ Civet (US) ☠ Claw (US)  ☠ Coyote (SUI) ☠ Cryptina’s Spook-Time Variety Show (US) ☠ Dead Cool (UK)  ☠  Doorknobs (US) ☠ Echoes in the Ice (US) ☠ First Love (RUS) ☠ Folk Tales (POL) ☠ Foxwood (US) ☠ Good Morning (US) ☠ Heavy Flow (US) ☠ Irreparable (US) ☠  Latched (CAN) ☠  Made You Look (US) ☠  Meow (US) ☠  Miskatonic 1927 (CAN) ☠  One Please (US) ☠  Pan (GER) ☠  Popcorn (IRN) ☠  Tammy’s Tiny Tea Time (US) ☠  The Beaning (US) ☠  The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds (US) ☠ The Day Mum Became a Monster (FR) ☠  The Dollmaker (US) ☠  The House of Seven Gabels (US) ☠  The Music of John Low (SWE) ☠  Time Heals No Wounds (US) ☠  We Summoned a Demon (US) ☠  What Metal Girls Are Into (US) ☠ Zygote (US)

So, give a listen, and find out what were some of our favorites from this year in horror.  We’ll be posting individual top ten lists for 2018 on the blog, so stay tuned for more in-depth recollections of what was a big year in spooky!


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