Horror Shorts: Meow (2016)

Fangoria! Woo!
Here kitty, kitty, kitty!  AAAAAIIEEEEE!!!!
Directed by Chris Jopp

“A Horror Short with Claws!”

I picked out this one is for my good friend, our own Scariest Amy Faust, who also happens to be our resident crazy cat lady.  I think I lost a pound of flesh to her adorable and paunchy cat, Ichi (a real killer), who after luring me in with all of his adorableness took a chomp on my arm.  Yeeeeouch!

Meow is the story of Samantha (Elanor Dundy) who has just moved into an apartment whose landlord (Charles Hubbel) is strictly enforcing a no-pet policy.  And wouldn’t you know it, an adorable kitty makes a ruckus in the alley, and Samantha can’t help herself, and takes the kitty in with her.  And, wouldn’t you know it, but there’s something potentially ominous about this cat.  For a very short film (a thirteen-minute runtime) Meow manages to pack in a couple of fun twists.  And, since it’s such a short film, I dare not spoil it.


Director Chris Joss, in a horror film tradition, includes an homage to its source material by playing the 1942 classic Cat People in the background.  Always a good idea to salute the horror legacy, Chris.  I approve. And as for Ichi… I’ve learned to be wary around that fluffy fella.

Meow is a Kickstarter funded Crypt TV production, Eli Roth and Jack Davis’ online horror short production think tank.  The best way to keep up with all the Crypt TV offerings is by going to YouTube, but you can check out the full film right here:




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