Horror Shorts: A Love Story (2018)

ATMOSfx! Woo!

You’d think dating Justin Bieber would be the scariest thing that there ever once was.  Turns out, dating young Biebs isn’t even close.  There are far more scary things out there.

Enter A Love Story.

In this newly released short, available only on Instagram’s brand-spanking new long-form video service (IGTV), Selena Gomez (formerly of Justin Bieber dating fame) teams up with avant-garde Canadian artist, Petra Collins, for a big ol’ sack of disturbing images. You’ve got your finger-headed monster, heads floating in bathtubs, Ms. Selena chomping on eyeballs.  The works.

Collins told Vanity Fair last May, “I love The Exorcist and the things that come from inside you, the things that are a little more subtle, and things that you deal with from inwards, and I feel like it’s something Selena and I both love talking about … that topic is sort of dear to us.”

This one can’t be explained.  It can only be witnessed.  So put down that Hot Pocket and truck it on over to Instagram and peep a former teen queen getting her weird on.

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