Coming Soon: The Scariest Things Top 100 Horror Films of ALL TIME!

ATMOSfx! Woo!

It’s finally happening.  We’re getting our master recommendation list together for YOU, the horror movie-loving audience. 

Yep!  that’s right!  We know you want it.  Isn’t having THE BIG LIST the single most important task of a horror movie website?  Well, we’re finally prioritizing our favorite horror movies OF ALL TIME!  No small task, that.  That’s a helluva lot of movies.  So, we need some help.  The Scariest Things has asked a number of our favorite insiders and superfans to participate in curating this list. Stay tuned as we will be posting each of our jurist’s lists, and we will be compiling these lists to come up with a horror movie master list as your definitive guide for Horror movies to watch.

And, if you don’t agree with the master list, you might find a top 25 list from one of our jurors that matches what you like.  We’re here to get you to your next genre gateway, right?  Find your scary, any way you can… and we’re trying to provide as many avenues as possible to find your best terrifying fit.  We will be tabulating the results later this week and will announce 90-100 on our Episode 33 Podcast.

So here’s our list of the fantastic Jurors currently lined up… you can see their individual lists by clicking on the highlighted links. Stay tuned, more may be coming:


The Scariest Things Writing Staff:

Our Industry Connections:

Our Select Superfans:

  • Mike Fryer, Robert and Eric’s lifelong pal,
  • Tom Carter, undisputably The Scariest Things most passionate fan.
  • Matt Howl, artist, musician and horror movie junkie
  • Marne Oyen, Our resident “mom-horror” a great gateway horror resource
  • Ingo Tants, a Facebook contact!  And our most passionate Matinee era fan.
  • Sharon L Yablon, Horror movies are her consuming passion.
  • Chris Ralph, Independent film producer, Robert and Eric’s old roommate, and… movie snob.


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