Scariest Things Podcast Episode XXI: Horror Films We’re ASHAMED We Haven’t Seen

ATMOSfx! Woo!

Shame. Guilt. Dishonor. Dereliction. Sin. Flat-out laziness. Or, maybe we were just busy that weekend. 

Horror films have been around for, oh, like 130 years.  Yes.  They really have been.  It all kicked off in the late 1890s when ol’ Georges Méliès started making some film shorts with some freaky ghostly kind of supernatural happenings.  It began with a film Le Manoir du Diable, which is sometimes credited as being the first horror film ever.  And no, we haven’t seen it.  But that’s kind of the point of this episode and frankly the point of this podcast.

There’s plenty out there to see in the spine-tingling world horror and we don’t have time to see it all and neither do you!  But that’s precisely why we’re YOUR guide to the tropes and trends of the horror genre.  Let us wade through the swamp, go in to the abandoned house, or traverse in to the unknown.  We’re here for you.

But sometimes, just sometimes, we might be busy and unable to get to a review of Wrong Turn 3.  Or, maybe we’re too busy watching My Bloody Valentine 3D for the fourth time.  Either way, in the interest of full disclosure…let us get to disclosures of the films we’re ashamed we haven’t seen!

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