The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: An Interview with It Hatched director Elvar Gunnarsson

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Elvar Gunnarsson directing Vivian Ólafsdóttir in It Hatched (2022)

In this interview with It Hatched director, Elvar Gunnarsson, you will get a full upload of Icelandic folklore and history. So, not only will you be entertained, you’re going to learn something! It Hatched has been getting rave reviews in its run through the festival circuit, and Elvar was generous enough to spend his time discussing how he made this remarkable film, an artistic and narrative showcase for the first-time director.

We were able to get a deep dive into Elvar Gunnarsson’s debut feature film, which follows the plight of a couple who, after spending a few years in Nashville, return to Iceland to run a bed and breakfast in a remote cottage in windswept barren hills, sight unseen.

Pétur and Mira probably should have done their homework, because that house was built upon a portal to the underworld and the mysterious and evil denizens below. The treacherous spirits reach out to Mira, and overnight, Mira becomes late-term pregnant. And as bizarre as that was, it gets weirder as Mira lays a monstrous egg. What to do… what to do… for two people isolated with their thoughts and a potential demon baby, it’s a conundrum for sure.

It Hatched is a movie rooted in Icelandic folk traditions and dark magic and is also tied to the current trends of Icelandic optimism in the tourism industry. The movie was a fun and fascinating watch, now armed with the insights from Mr. Gunnarsson, we can see this film in a whole new light, worthy of the low golden rays of endless arctic summer daylight. The film will receive a streaming release soon, and the Scariest Things will be the first to let you know when it becomes available!

Elvar Gunnarsson
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