The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXIX: Horror Movies We are Looking Forward to in 2021

ATMOSfx! Woo!
Want some more Conjuring? Jack and Lorraine are coming back in 2021!
For those of you who pay attention to Roman Numerals, you might have figured out that we got a little out of sequence. Yep, we skipped Episode 119 in our excitement to record HEAVY METAL HORROR. But that does not diminish our anticipation for the offerings for 2021. We’ve got our prognostications we’re never (read: surprisingly often) wrong!

We also have a bunch of our movies that we were looking forward to arriving this year instead of last year. Thanks a LOT Covid19! Boooo! So, we really have some leftovers to look forward to. Our track record on this often seems rather dubious in hindsight. And, it should be noted that most of the movies that end up on our top 10 year-end lists are films that show up through the film festival circuit, and many of them sneak up on us. Little fanfare, but big payoff.

The big studios have held onto many of the reboots, remakes, and sequels in hope of turning a profit on some of their “in-the-can” productions, and perhaps the theaters will open in time for the Halloween season. And, we get the big blockbusters that had been scheduled for 2020, but like a Vegas Casino, the studios took the Covid 19 pause to refurbish and polish their tentpole horror pictures.

Will the Scariest Things team fare better this time? Only time will tell. But, it’s always fun to forecast.

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