Movie News: The Vigil Trailer

Blumhouse is back on the scene with a brand new joint that’s guaranteed to give you a mean case of the shivers. Don’t look now, but The Vigil is coming your way soon — hopefully?

A ghoslty/religious mashup from the Jewish faith that rarely wanders in to the murky depths of horror lore. From the people that brought you Halloween and Insidious, The Vigil involves a young man who’s wandered from his Hassidic faith. He’s taken on the traditional job of watching over the corpse of a recently deceased member of the community.

Sounds easy, right? Watch a little TV, have a beer, and hang out with a dead person — ALL NIGHT LONG!?!? Blumhouse is certainly a horror force to be reckoned with and The Vigil looks to be no exception to their spooky offereings. This trailer is creepy with a capital C and will likely be the horror respite that we all need from 2020’s less than stellar offerings.

Check back soon for a full review of this promising new ghost-fest! In the mean time get your spook on with this newly minted terrifying trailer!

Fangoria! Woo!

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