Scariest Games: Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Horror Edition

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tp-boxAs one of our Scariest Readers we know you know your horror. And soon, you’ll finally be able to prove it to your friends once and for all! Assuming everything goes as planned, the latest themed edition of the granddaddy of all trivia games will be released just in time for Halloween… the Trivial Pursuit: Ultimate Horror Edition!

This new edition is being put together by Usaopoly (“The OP“) under license from Hasbro. The OP are experts at putting out themed versions of other people’s games and have been responsible for things like Cthulhu Monopoly, Jenga: Godzilla Extreme Edition, and Clue: IT — a version of the mystery-solving board game, Clue, based on the 2017 clown-forward Stephen King horror movie.


The custom game board!

According to the recent press release, here’s what you can expect with this new Trivial Pursuit game:

Whether they’re spooky stories we heard as children or based on real world threats, shocking horror movies, books, and TV shows make undyingly good entertainment for those who live for a thrill. And soon, those who claim to have “seen everything” will get to test their deadly knowledge…

Players will move around the board to answer questions about their favorite genre to collect wedges and complete the full circle of six to win! 1800 spine-tingling questions let you take on six reference-heavy categories sure to elevate your heart rate: Gore & Disturbing, Psychological, Killer, Monster, Comedy, and Paranormal.


Based on the roll of a color-coded die, players can land on any random category using their choice of a horror-inspired, custom sculpted mover, including a creepy Doll Head, Straitjacket, and Table Saw. Eke out with multiple-choice prompts, or rack your brain to recall disturbing details you’d rather not remember from across all kinds of media: film, TV shows, books, and beyond!

The new game is rated for players at least 17 years old and will set you back about $50. Here’s what you’ll get in the box:

  • 1 Custom Game Board
  • 6 Custom Movers – Monster Hand, Doll Head, Straitjacket, Goat Head, Cleaver in Brain, and Table Saw
  • 300 Cards with 1800 Questions – Categories include Gore & Disturbing, Psychological, Killer, Monster, Paranormal, and Comedy
  • 36 Wedges
  • Rules booklet

Looks like the makings of a spooky good time!


Creepy new game pieces!

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Article by Robert Zilbauer.
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