Movie Posters We Love: The BEST Pandemic Horror Movie Posters

You’ll scream, screech, gasp, cough wheeze, and, well…hopefully it’s just a common cold and it’ll be done in a couple days. One of the best ways to determine whether it is a common cold? Check the current CDC guidelines and consult with your local health department.

After you’ve done the requisite diagnosis, grabbed some vitamin C, and little DayQuil — THEN check out this gallery of the weirdest, wildest, wackiest and just plain BEST pandemic horror posters ever created!

These posters are infected so wash your hands after you’ve touched this gang of impurity!

While the horror genre has always pushed the gore envelope, the pandemic, virus, and infection sub-sub-sub genre has taken the hype machine to preposterous levels. Whether you’re planning your next binge (hint: start with our big list of pandemic and infectious horror films), recovering from nasty bit of seasonal crud, or doing the RIGHT thing by staying at home and social distancing, just sit back and dig through this treasure trove of truly terrible trash!

Scary DVDs! Woo!

This pile of depravity includes: Virus (1980), Trench 11 (2017), the Andromeda Strain (1971), the Satan Bug (1965), the Children (1980), Sickness House (2006), Shivers (1975), Quarantine (2008), No Blade of Grass (1970), Incubo (Nightmare City) (1980), Infection: the Invasion Begins (2011), I Drink Your Blood (1970), the Grapes of Death (1978), Flu (2013), Crazies (1973), Cabin Fever 3 (2014), Cannibals in the Streets (1980), and Rabid (1977).

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