The Scariest Things Podcast Episode LXXXVIII: Our Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2020

Scary DVDs! Woo!
We’ve got some films for you to look forward to in 2020. Once again, we’re faced with an onslaught of remakes and sequels, but you know what? There are some really interesting films that are coming out, and we’re here to slap you some horror wisdom!

For Horror movies, it can be a tricky thing to forecast what upcoming movies are going to be good. For a bit of amusement listen to our podcast and you’ll find out how we can get lured into a good trailer only to be saddled with a meh movie. The Curse of La Llorona, anyone? I think part of this is that movies with trailers right now are early offerings, which means dumping grounds for studios… or they are big studio efforts, which isn’t always a great thing.

Often times, the festival darling movies that we end up loving were films that we had no clue were coming (Extra Ordinary, One Cut of the Dead, and Finale.) and it required us to go to the film festivals to see them. Here’s a clue… GO TO FILM FESTIVALS! You get to binge watch thoroughly vetted horror movies, filled with audiences who are horror connoisseurs. Guaranteed you will see some good movies if you go to a horror film festival near you!

Here is a roster of known horror movies coming up this year. This is by no means an exclusive list, but there’s a little for everybody here. Big franchises, little indie flicks, some horror comedy, and some art house fare. See anything you like? Might we also recommend two movies we loved from the Festival Circuit that are coming out this year: The Lodge, Come to Daddy, and Extra Ordinary... you’ve heard us talk a lot about them, and now they will get theatrical releases.

A Quiet Place II20-Mar
Army of the Dead (Zach Snyder)TBD
Brahms: The Boy II21-Feb
Come to Daddy7-Feb
Escape Room 217-Apr
Extra Ordinary6-Mar
Fantasy Island14-Feb
Gretel and Hansel31-Jan
Halloween Kills16-Oct
I’m Thinking of Ending ThingsTBD
Insidious: The Dark Realm5-May
Last Night in Soho (Edgar Wright)25-Sep
Malignant (James Wan)14-Aug
New Mutants3-Apr
Promising Young Woman17-Apr
Saint Maud27-Mar
Saw: The Organ Donor (Chris Rock Reboot)15-May
The Color Out of Space24-Jan
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It11-Sep
The Invisible Man28-Feb
The Lodge7-Feb
The Purge 510-Jul
The Turning 24-Jan
Underwater 10-Jan
Wrong Turn (Reboot)TBD

And, know that there will be so many more movies! Time to prep your calendars, make your movie appointments. And always come back to find out what we thought of these movies!

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