The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: Dread Fright and Brews, and the Theatre of Horrors

Wizard World 2019 gave The Scariest Things an opportunity to meet some of our Oregon sibling horror organizations, and in this interview we got a chance to sit and talk with Lee Despain of the Dread Fright & Brew Podcast and Brandy Dixon of The Theatre of Horrors cosplay for charity organization.

One of the many great things of setting up at a geeky convention is that you will run into peers you never knew you had. Lee Despain dropped by our podcast station and told us that he also did a horror podcast, where they assign artisan crafted beers with a horror movie. What beer would go well with Hereditary? Well Dread Fright & Brew will tell you! At first it was a bit of a head scratching idea, and then, having interviewed Lee, we think it’s rather mad genius! They’ve been podcasting since 2016, and have a broad selection of horror movies and their associated brews for you to peruse.

Lee arrived at our station in full Leatherface regalia, yellow blood stained smock and all, and he explained that he was helping with cosplay photo shoots for an outfit called Northwest Horror Network, run by Brandy Dixon, where they would take pictures with conventioneers and donate the proceeds to the Oregon School for the Deaf! How cool is that?

I wandered over to meet Brandy, who is a professional movie make-up artist, and was blown away (and rather creeped out) by her fantastic Valek the Nun cosplay job! Those eyes… so creepy! But Brandy is a sweetheart, and she too came to our booth in full cosplay, and talked to us about her organization, now known as The Theatre of Horrors, as well as some cool upcoming films that she has in production.

Proof positive that there is a whole lot of variety to the genre offerings, these two organizations are worth getting your attention!

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