Scariest Things News: Wizard World Portland Update!

Come for Momoa, stay for some Scariest Things! Here’s the latest from our live event at Wizard World.

You never know, you might just see Miami Man (or is that Aquaman?) wandering the convention floor! OK, probably not, but the Scariest Things will be there in force! We’re just around the corner, and there’s some updates for you if you want to come see Mike and Eric at the convention! First off here are our schedules for the live podcasts:

FRIDAY 6:30-7:15 PM Room B117 (right near the exhibit floor entry):

Mount Rushorror! We’re building a monument to horror movies, and we invite you to pick the icons! Mike and Eric are going to be joined by Portland Horror Trivia Massacre’s Jeff Dean, in nominating our favorite characters from all of Horror Movie History. Jeff is one of those guys who reminds Mike and Eric that we truly are charlatans, as he has forgotten more about horror than the rest of us know, combined!

Here’s Jeff’s gig… which I attend regularly… but not part of the Wiz World.

OK… back to our program! The Scariest Things wanted to memorialize this event by creating something lasting, so we have not one but TWO fabulous comic artists to do illustrations of the Mt. Rushorror monument for us. Check out their work! This is gonna be great!

And the best part? We’re going to give the art away at our next show!

Scott Roller

Vincent Kukua

But, don’t leave after the Friday show! Gwen and Brian Callahan are following us with a special preview of the Portland Horror Film Festival offerings for 2019! We’re going back to back with some of our best friends in the Portland Horror Community!

Saturday 6:30-7:15 Room B110 (also near the entry):

Terror from Abroad! Join Eric and Mike as we serve as your tour guides to strange and horrifying places that you probably have never been to! Go on a journey to the deep dark soul of the rest of the world. You may find some hidden gems you weren’t aware of! And, stick around: We’re raffling away the Mt. Rushorror art that was created from our Friday event!

We have a booth!

We will have full booth, there to meet and greet you, and ready to stump your knowledge of Horror Films, with cool prizes if you’re good! We’ll have stickers, buttons, tee shirts, figurines, Dave Correia Art, card games, and a big prize of the board game “Who Goes There?” which is an adaptation of the novel by John W. Campbell, and the source of Eric’s #1 Movie… The THING.

Answer Trivia for prizes!

But, I’ll warn you, the questions will get harder, and you’ll need to run a gauntlet of tough questions to get the big prize!

Xander on the Scariest Things Podcast!

Then… at some point this weekend… an unexpected cool opportunity. Nicholas Brendon will be joining the Scariest Things booth for an exclusive interview! Yes! Xander Harris, Buffy’s stalwart companion will be joining us for a little one on one discussion of his time as the best sidekick a slayer could ask for. And, for those of you who want to do something really cool on Friday night, he’s doing Karaoke at my favorite Karoke club (I go there at least once a month with Scariest Amy!) the Voicebox! Note… I think they moved the time to 10:00 PM.

But wait! There’s more! More? Yep! For all of you aspiring filmmakers out there, Edward Martin is doing a short film making workshop! Get hands-on advice and technical knowledge about how to bring your short film from screenplay through filming and post-production to the final finished product and on to distribution! This is the time to get your little horror film made, as the genre festival circuits live and breathe on the short film community, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Ari Aster… and it all might start… in Portland… at Wizard World.

To get you started, you may have a chance to get a copy of Final Draft software, the film industry’s go-to screenwriting software. Word is that eight copies will be given away.

A cool filmmaker workshop!

This workshop was JUST ANNOUNCED… so get in on the opportunity to start your career as a filmmaker at Wizard World. Tickets are $35 and the workshop takes place on Friday at 6:00 and Saturday at noon. Though… just so you know… the Friday show is the same time as our Mt. Rushorror event, so go to the Saturday show!

Get your tickets here!

ATMOSfx! Woo!

Speaking of tickets! Don’t forget, if you ARE going to the show, use our discount code “scariest” and you’ll get 10% off the purchase price! So, Portland, show your horror pride, and come down and visit with us! We would love to meet all of our PDX fans, and share our mutual madness for the genre! Let’s talk tropes and trends!

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