Movie Posters We Love: Le Crane Malifique (1965)

Peter Cushing! Christopher Lee! Oh my! This one’s got it all. Most importantly it’s got two of the giants of 1960s horror. The boys had a corner on the market for sure. Le Crane Malifique AKA The Skull is a 1965 film that follows Pierre (Maurice Good), a phrenologist, who robs the grave of the recently buried Marquis de Sade. He takes the Marquis’s severed head and sets about boiling it to remove its flesh, leaving the SKULL.

This super cool French poster is, um, super cool! But check the U.S. version too!  After you’re done doing that peep episode 51 where we check in on the first half of 1960s horror goodness.

Scary DVDs! Woo!

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