Horror Movie News: THE Wu Tang Clan are Making a Horror Movie

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Ya’ heard that right. Word on the gritty streets of Staten Island is that the rap super-group, THE Wu Tang Clan, are in the early stages of developing a full-blown hip hop horror film titled Angel Dust. Word. Early signs indicate that while the entire Wu Tang Clan could be involved in different ways shapes and forms, the primary developers of this masterwork are THE Ghostface Killah (AKA: GFK, Ghostdini, Ironman, Tony Starks, Starks, Starky Love, Pretty Toney, and P Tone) and RZA.

According to Deadline “…Impossible Dream Entertainment will produce Angel of Dust, a suspense horror thriller that Wu-Tang leader RZA will direct. Pic is inspired by true stories that happened around the hood to members of the global iconic rap group when they were growing up in and around the Staten Island Projects. A series of bizarre and horrifying events shaped their mind-sets to launched the Wu-Tang Clan to become a worldwide music powerhouse. The story was created by Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah (aka Dennis Coles) and longtime manager Caruso. Script is by Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith (The Harrowing, Summer of ’84).”

Summer of ’84? Word.

Specifically, the story centers around a young kid from the hood who’s forced to deal with the gritty streets of Staten Island after the mysterious death of his parents. Along his journey he also confronted by local hoods, drug dealers, and “…a serial killer with seemingly supernatural powers dubbed Angel of Dust by the media.” Certainly, this is not the first time that members of the Wu Tang have wandered away from hip hop and over to the darker more questionable entertainment offerings in film. Method Man stared in the 2011 film the Mortician. Method Man also stared in the 2005 flick Venom. RZA was in 2018’s slasher/thriller Thriller. The list of odd and off-beat appearances continues on and on — to the break of dawn. Needless to say, Wu Tang + horror = match made in heaven.

Bong! Bong!

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