Horror Movie News: Prodigy Trailer Drops

Fangoria! Woo!

Man, trailers are a tough bit to pull off. They’re almost a movie within a movie, or rather a movie about a movie within a movie. At any rate, the new trailer for the upcoming horror flick the Prodigy looks like it could be legit!

The teaser for the Prodigy came out in late October, but the full and official trailer just dropped. The Prodigy features Orange is the New Black actress Taylor Schilling who’s stuck with a super smart, but super freaky youngster. Is he the devil incarnate? Is this the Omen part VIII? Can this evil child be stopped? All these answers and more will reveal themselves on February 8, 2019, when this spookfest drops in theaters.

In the meantime you’ll just have to guess #whatswrongwithmiles

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