Movie Posters We Love: Top 10 Movie Posters of 2018

It’s amazing to think that in a digital world that there can still be room (…sort of) for analog artifacts of years gone by.  Enter the poster.  This tidy hype machine is still a super-efficient way of conveying the tone of the film, manufacturing some false hoopla, and creating buzz in movie goers young and old.

2018 was definitely a banner year for posters. We saw some beauties.  We also saw some real dogs and some very questionable graphic design at play.  Interestingly, the best films don’t always produce the best posters (read: Halloween).  There’s no 1-to-1 correlation for design and the strength of the film.  In some cases you could actually argue that the better the film the worse the poster.  More Hollywood types get their paws all over the design and…well, you get what you get.  Yes, and in some cases the film is a dog, but boy, oh, boy, the graphic designers knock it out of the park (read: The Nun and Dead of the Dead Bloodline). 

Without further ado, here’s the top 10 movie posters of 2018!

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