Horror Movie News: ‘Train to Busan’ remake in the works

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Another day, another pointless remake. 
James Wan

If there’s one thing Hollywood studios love, it’s not having to think for themselves. Our current example involves the wonderful 2016 zombies on a train free-for-all from South Korea, Train to Busan.

The rights to the English language remake were the focus of a bidding war between five major studios: New Line, Universal, Paramount, Lionsgate and Screen Gems. At this time, word on the street says Universal has dropped out and New Line is leading the pack with an offer upwards of seven figures.

The original film was directed by San-ho Yeon and told the tale of a group of survivors from Seoul attempting to flee a zombie outbreak by taking the train from Seoul to the southern city of Busan. It was a huge hit in South Korea, grossing $85 million overseas, but only $2 million in the United States.

All signs point to Gary Dauberman [The Nun (2018) screenplay] as the screenplay man for the English adaptation while James Wan will produce alongside the original rights holder, Gaumont.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to this one. The original was a fun ride and is capable of standing on its own. I’m sure I’ll be watching this one, though. If only to see how many times I’m forced to facepalm.

What do you think of these English language remakes, Scariest Readers?

And just for ol’ time’s sake, here’s the trailer for the original Train to Busan. Enjoy!


[Source: Deadline]


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