The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XXIV: An Interview with the Portland Horror Film Festival

Mike and Eric got a chance to sit down with Brian and Gwen Callahan, the organizers of the upcoming Portland Horror Film Festival.  Madness and mayhem ensued!  Or, at least some great horror movie conversations.

As we have mentioned before, our hometown horror film festival is kicking off from June 13-June 16 at the Hollywood Theater.  Mike and Eric, fresh off of seeing the appetizer round of the festival with the one day Satanic Panic, which showed the so-bad-it’s-great William Girdler 1972 film Asylum of Satan, met with Gwen and Brian, who were gracious enough to give us a preview of the main course to come.

The Portland Horror Film Festival is an independent horror film festival, featuring upcoming small-release feature-length and short films, some of which you will only be able to see on the big screen at this upcoming event.  This is the third year of running this festival, and they have been running the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival here in Portland for the past eight years, so needless to say, they are covered in frightening film sauce and they know how to put on a spooky show. Brian, Gwen, and their band of jurors had to sift through over 400 films to select the choice cuts for this year’s offerings, and I personally can’t wait to see them!  The feature films include The LaPlace’s Demon, Framed, Puppetmaster: The Littlest Reich, Big Legend, and since we recorded another film was added with the punk-rock meets a cabin-in-the-woods film The Ranger.

Also, there are 38 short films on the docket, from submissions around the world, and more announcements to come!  I’m very much looking forward to Banshee and Popcorn,  and my newfound love for horror short films will be thrilled by what they have in store.  Want to know more?  Curious about what goes into putting together a film festival?  You know you are!  Well, listen in, as the Callahans will give you the true scoop! Behold… The Scariest Things Episode XXIV: (Note… this was recorded in a bar… and the mic picked up a lot of the background dish clatter… call it dinner theater ambiance!)

You can get advance tickets now, along with some very cool swag designed by Gwen and Brian. (Who just happen to be graphic designers and Tee Shirt makers as a day job.) Having spent four times that much on the Overlook Film Festival tickets… this is a fantastic deal!  We hope to see you there in a month!


The latest addition to the schedule: The Ranger

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