Scariest Things Podcast Episode XX: Scariest Horror Soundtracks

ATMOSfx! Woo!
dd72a90502d841f3815e866f4f90218bCan music make a film?  Break a film? Raise the hairs on the back of your head?  Make you curl up in a ball and weep? You bet your bottom dollar!

Currently, not only are we in the golden age of the rebirth of horror films, we’re also amidst one of the more complete appreciations of the horror soundtrack!  With record companies like Wax Works, Death Waltz, Mondo, Sound Stage Direct, and Turn Table Lab — to name a few — horror soundtrack aficionados have dug deep in the crypt and discovered some truly bonkers and sadly forgotten soundtracks.  Things like C.H.U.D., Tenebre, House 1 & 2, Altered States, and even From Beyond are finally getting their proper treatment: vinyl.

Soundtracks have been around since way back when in 1927 when the Jazz Singer kicked it all off.  Little did Al Jolson know that his seminal work would literally give birth to C.H.U.D. on vinyl.  Well, that might be a pinch strong, but you get the point.  Film is important to music, and music is important to film.  A match made in bowels of hell and one that will be eternally be grafted together in a sinister coven.

In Episode XX we answer all of your nagging questions including: strings? synth? piano? Which instrument is the scariest?  Which is the most oft used?  Which is the one that takes that creepy scene straight on off the cliff?

Open you ears and tune in for the most evil sounds your little ears ever did hear!


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