Horror Movie News: Teddy Bears are for Lovers to get a Big Screen Treatment! (Full 2016 Short Film Included)

ATMOSfx! Woo!
Teddy-Bears-Are-For-LoversIt’s a Teddy Bear home invasion!  So cuddly, and yet… so dangerous!  

Admission, I love my stuffies.  My old walrus, George. My stuffed gorilla, Moses.  The oldest of my plushies, Buffalo Bed, with one of his horns completely fallen off.  My harbor seal Noisy Spots. (Yeah, a real name.)  My collection of Ugly Dolls.  When we were kids, my sister and I would have endless stories with our stuffies.  My sister, Meri, would often have some gathering and actual theatrical productions, whereas I would make my stuffies race around the living room.  I could never part with them, and yep, I am a grown man with his favorite childhood pals, still hanging around my house… though they don’t get play time anymore.  Classic stuff for stuffies, right?

Well along came a short movie, produced by The Royal Adventure Society, that is one part Toy Story and one part The Purge.  Also producing the film was Joe Dante, of Gremlins fame, who successfully dealt with the combination of adorable and scary.  (There is a wonderful throw-back to a particular kitchen appliance from Gremlins… a classic homage!) So, naturally, this was a sucker play for me.  This is the story of Collin, a man besieged by the teddy bears he had given to all of his ex-girlfriends because once they got dumped, the girlfriends took their vengeance upon the unfortunate plushies. Exes can be so cruel, sometimes.  Brandishing weapons, these teddies have snuck into Collins house to get a pound of flesh back.  AWESOME!

Ghezal Amiri of Comingsoon.net announced that Cloverfield cinematographer Michael Bonvillain (what a name!) is going to direct a full-length feature film based upon the short film.  I really admire the effects work that the Royal Adventure Society put in to the film  In his interview with Amiri, Bonvillain commented on what drew him to this project:

“It’s rare to find a project with the right balance of humor, scares and emotions that can make a film entertaining on so many various levels. This project, which at its heart is a love story, builds so many different layers on top of it to create an absolutely horrifying and hilarious thrill ride that keeps you entertained from start to finish. Having been involved as a cinematographer on a number of great films over the years that blended elements of horror and thriller with comedy, I’m excited to direct a project that I think hits all those notes and is hugely entertaining,”

No release date on the film has been set yet, and it has yet to be formally greenlit, but The Scariest Things will keep tabs on additional release information.  Until that Time, here is the full short film!  ENJOY!




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