The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: How to Survive a Horror Film with Georgina Black

Scary DVDs! Woo!

In August, I had the golden opportunity to be a V.I.P. participant in the Cabin in the Woods Film Festival, which was, in fact, taking place in a cabin in the woods of Anderson Island. You may have heard my earlier podcast, where I interviewed Crystal Conner about this unique experience. The V.I.P. experience allowed everyone in the cabin to be judges for the slate of horror short films and was bolstered by some fabulous activities.

  • A spooky oil painting class.
  • A horror photo shoot with a professional photographer.
  • A fine dinner with filmmaker interaction.
  • Hikes around the wooded island.
  • Horror box openings! (A Necronomicon… Yikes!)
  • Watching lots of fantastic horror short films. (Over 50 of them)
  • An opportunity to do some podcasting… with me!
  • And… a class on How to Survive a Horror Film!

Georgina (Gina) Black is a Master Sergeant and a 23-year veteran who has survived more than her fair share of scrapes. She is also a huge horror film fanatic, an actress, and a cosplayer. She turned her experiences and knowledge gleaned from her time in the service. Sure, you know the tropes, but believe me when I tell you that she has some simple tricks that will make sure that you will be the Final Girl (Guy) and survive an awful horror movie event. These are the moves that beat the horror tropes.

These strategies were gleaned from the military guides for:
S.E.R.E. : Survival Evasion Recovery and Escape Training
T.C.C.C. : Tactical Combat Casualty Care
S.A.B.C. : Self-Aid and Buddy Care

All of these fun activities were part of a four-day vacation in the woods, and I found that after all was done, the best part was that I made some friends for life, as you will learn a whole lot about your new cabin mates, and we all had a blast! In the end, it was like we had a new mini-horror family. You will not have another experience like this in any other festivals. Truly.

Channel your inner Sharni Vinson, and get ready to get moving… and above all else, remain calm!

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